Preventative Care and Research

Episode 27: So much to unpack, so little time! The phenomenal Lauren Wells and Tanya Crossman join Diesel and Clooney to discuss their newly released, incredibly impactful research into Third Culture Kids, childhood mobility, and “Adverse Childhood Experiences.” Being misunderstood, the city of Chattanooga, grief towers, and your car’s extended warranty also get thrown into … Continue reading Preventative Care and Research

Revenge of the Introverts

Episode 25: Devling into post-mask life (for some), polarization, and how both introverts and extroverts may need some time to adapt, Chris & Jerry start to examine the emerging new normal we're all getting to tackle. We'd also love to hear from YOU! Send thoughts, reactions, or topics you'd like to have unpacked to:

The Anti-RAFT

Tbilisi, Georgia Summer is nearly upon us – and for many people that means transition of some sort. In the international and expat community people will be leaving, relocating, perhaps visiting home or relatives. Even in the not-so-expat or international community, summer often means the transition period between grade levels at school, or between high-school … Continue reading The Anti-RAFT

Bringing in the expert: Dr. Anisha Abraham!

Episode 24: Taking this podcast up a notch, Chris & Jerry glean an abundance of wisdom on teens, mental health, future trends, and so much more from Dr. Anisha Abraham (, author of the insightful book, "Raising Global Teens", Acting Chief of Division of Adolescent Medicine and Children's National Hospital in Washington DC, inspiration for … Continue reading Bringing in the expert: Dr. Anisha Abraham!

Two Systems of Thought

Portland, Oregon, USA In general, most of us take a lot for granted… and it’s good advice to try not to: to instead be intentional about recognizing the good things we have going for us, and be grateful for them. Strangely enough, though, there are circumstances where taking things for granted is actually a … Continue reading Two Systems of Thought