Monster-Trucks: The TCK of Vehicles

Episode 32: Chris and Jerry enjoy being in the company of one of the best humans in the world, Josh Altmanshofer (who happens to be a long-time-listener, first-time-caller)! Together they meander through discussion on common misconceptions about TCKs, the pain of unexpected departures, and have some meta-deep reflections on the surprisingly monocultural nature of cross-cultural … Continue reading Monster-Trucks: The TCK of Vehicles

The Hand You’re Dealt

Episode 31: We accept one more Chris as a "walk-in" on the podcast where we delve into privilege, COVID's continuing effects on schools, talking with teens, and dealing with people as individuals... it's a lot to unpack and we're glad to have Dylan Malone of the "Movies & Chill with Zak and Dill" podcast to … Continue reading The Hand You’re Dealt

Brexit & Zero-Sum Games

Pordenone, Italy I recently flew through London’s Heathrow airport, and I happened to land on the first day of the UK’s official withdrawal from the European Union. I must admit, I didn’t necessarily feel like things felt any more British than usual… which isn’t surprising. But it made me think about the reality that … Continue reading Brexit & Zero-Sum Games

Global Village

Dubai, United Arab Emirates This week I am in Dubai, and one thing that I always try to make time for while in Dubai is a stop at Global Village. Global Village is a pretty large park on the outskirts of the city that recreates famous architecture, food, and even dances from various countries … Continue reading Global Village


Bahrain I’ve just landed in Bahrain and I feel a deep sense of shame. Not at being in Bahrain, that’s pretty exciting – I feel shame for my behavior on arrival as I cleared immigration. You see I’ve been to Bahrain before, though it’s been a few years – and I am fortunate enough … Continue reading Complacency

Home for the Holidays

Oregon, United States We’re nearing the end of what much of Western culture considers the holiday season… and I have been on the ground, in the same country, for THIRTY-SEVEN DAYS. That’s a really long time for me. I learned a while ago that change almost always causes some degree of stress – but … Continue reading Home for the Holidays