Monster-Trucks: The TCK of Vehicles

Episode 32: Chris and Jerry enjoy being in the company of one of the best humans in the world, Josh Altmanshofer (who happens to be a long-time-listener, first-time-caller)! Together they meander through discussion on common misconceptions about TCKs, the pain of unexpected departures, and have some meta-deep reflections on the surprisingly monocultural nature of cross-cultural … Continue reading Monster-Trucks: The TCK of Vehicles

The Hand You’re Dealt

Episode 31: We accept one more Chris as a "walk-in" on the podcast where we delve into privilege, COVID's continuing effects on schools, talking with teens, and dealing with people as individuals... it's a lot to unpack and we're glad to have Dylan Malone of the "Movies & Chill with Zak and Dill" podcast to … Continue reading The Hand You’re Dealt

Cognitive Bias

Episode 28: Leaping skillfully from coffee aliases to airline frequent flyer programs, Diesel and Clooney unpack Cognitive Biases whilst addressing not so common sense, queue-jumping, and criticism sandwiches – ultimately striving to create our own named and recognized cognitive bias.  We'd love to hear from YOU! Send thoughts, reactions, or topics you'd like to have … Continue reading Cognitive Bias

Two Systems of Thought

Portland, Oregon, USA In general, most of us take a lot for granted… and it’s good advice to try not to: to instead be intentional about recognizing the good things we have going for us, and be grateful for them. Strangely enough, though, there are circumstances where taking things for granted is actually a … Continue reading Two Systems of Thought