Bringing in the expert: Dr. Anisha Abraham!

Episode 24: Taking this podcast up a notch, Chris & Jerry glean an abundance of wisdom on teens, mental health, future trends, and so much more from Dr. Anisha Abraham (, author of the insightful book, "Raising Global Teens", Acting Chief of Division of Adolescent Medicine and Children's National Hospital in Washington DC, inspiration for … Continue reading Bringing in the expert: Dr. Anisha Abraham!

Ikea, diseases as a teaching aid, and amazing TCK insights from the expert: Michael Pollock!

Episode 10: Joining Chris and Jerry in the virtual studio is the one and only Michael Pollock! Co-author of the most recend edition of "Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds," Executive Director of Interaction Internaitonal, and an all around amazing guy, Michael purveys wisdom and heart, and we're fortunate to capture … Continue reading Ikea, diseases as a teaching aid, and amazing TCK insights from the expert: Michael Pollock!

Hope During Uncertainty

Oregon, United States I just had the extreme privilege of being the closing keynote speaker for Relocate Global's 2020 Great International School and Education Fair. It brought together some of my favorite authors, coaches, and speakers in the globally mobile and cross-cultural world to share wisdom insight and knowledge. Closing out a conference is … Continue reading Hope During Uncertainty

Brexit & Zero-Sum Games

Pordenone, Italy I recently flew through London’s Heathrow airport, and I happened to land on the first day of the UK’s official withdrawal from the European Union. I must admit, I didn’t necessarily feel like things felt any more British than usual… which isn’t surprising. But it made me think about the reality that … Continue reading Brexit & Zero-Sum Games

Global Village

Dubai, United Arab Emirates This week I am in Dubai, and one thing that I always try to make time for while in Dubai is a stop at Global Village. Global Village is a pretty large park on the outskirts of the city that recreates famous architecture, food, and even dances from various countries … Continue reading Global Village