Leaping into the unknown with Sundae Schneider-Bean

Episode 11: Chris and Jerry get to delve into the unknown with the marvelously talented Sundae Schneider-Bean (www.sundaebean.com) to decide whether or not planning is overrated, and explore the losses (both good and bad) as well as the gains that come with moving into the expat lifestyle - all seasoned with an occasional Scottish brogue!


Oregon, United States https://youtu.be/xAGTYQK9tuc In recent discussions with students, teachers, and even parents – the topic of loneliness has come up frequently. Loneliness is a feeling common to everyone… which is a bit ironic: a feeling associated with isolation is something we all share. But that’s the thing about loneliness – it’s complicated. To combat … Continue reading Loneliness


Oregon, United States https://youtu.be/elnkp-XSTcQ I’m writing this right in the middle of April, 2020. With Easter just having passed (and therefore the season of Lent ending) for many Christians in the western world, Passover only a week ago for the Jewish faith, and Ramadan starting soon – at some point during this month at least … Continue reading Fasting